La casa di Carla Welcome you

Residence, composed of single, double, three rooms with separate entrances, stands on a majestic location overlooking the adriatic coast with a wonderful view between Porto San Giorgio, Lido di Fermo reached within 6 minutes. The beach is about 8 km as the waterfront, equipped with bathing establishments, restaurants and free beaches

On the other side you have a view of impressive Fermo’s landascape with its green hills and the Sibillini mountain at the distance.

If you are in search of peace and tranquillity, discover your holiday surrounded by nature and close to the city of art Fermo and its ancient history. You have also, just a few kilometres far from Contry house the seaside town of Porto San Giorgio.

All the Fermo’s area is closed to ancient medieval villages. Here you can found typical restaurants with their tradictional foods and wines, there alre also famous local festivals.

Situated in a fashion district of italian style, you can found here outlets of the world’s famous footwears stylists.

Wonders in Marche’s land

… between the sea, hills and medieval villages …

Healthy eating

Enjoy a healthy holiday in a land full of flavors, explore its sensations while enjoying the typical products and local specialties


Give your eyes the spectacle of a house surrounded by greenery or surrounded by fields of grass and with horizon the sea and the Sibillini mountains.

Balanced life

A place where it is easy to find balance, think positive and come back to peace with oneself after the long months of winter commitments

Panorama from your window

Let yourself wake up in the morning by the sun rising on the sea accompanied by the song of birds …

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